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Assessment Instruments

Assessment Instruments Used for Gifted Identification

Superior Cognitive Ability:

Cognitive Abilities Test, Form 7,  (CogAT)

Screening:  126     Identification: grades K-1: 127;

Screening:  127     Identification grades 2-12: 128

Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, 1st or 2ndEdition - Individual Administration

Screening:  124    Identification: grades K-6:  125;

Screening:  125    Identification grades 7-12: 126

Otis-Lennon School Achievement Test, 8thEd.(OLSAT)

Screening:  125       Identification:   126

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 5thEd. (WISC-5)

Screening: 126       Identification:  127

Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Cognitive Ability

Screening:126      Identification: 127

Specific Academic Abilities:

Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, Form E, Complete Battery (ITBS)

Screening: 94 %ile    Identification:  95%ile

Measures of Academic Progress  Assessment

Screening:  94%tile           Identification:  95%tile

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, 3rd Ed. (WIAT)

Screening: 94 %ile    Identification:  95%ile

Woodcock-Johnson IV, Test  of Achievement

Screening: 94 %ile    Identification: 95%ile

Stanford Achievement Test, 10thEdition, Complete Battery

Screening 94%ile      Identification: 95%ile

Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, (KTEA-II), 2nd Edition

Screening 94%ile              Identification:  95%ile

Creative Thinking Ability:

Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scale (GATES)

(Creative Thinking items 21-30)

Screening: 65   Identification:  83

SRBCSS-Creativity, 2004 version

Screening: 48    Identification: 51

Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking figural and Verbal Form B

Screening:  94%ile  Identification  95%ile

All the above need baseline cognitive ability:

Cognitive Abilities Test, Form 7,  (CogAT)

Screening:  110 (K-1); 111 (2-12)   Identification:  K-1:  111; 2-12:  112

Otis-Lennon School Achievement Test, 8thEd. (OLSAT)

Screening:  109  Identification:  110

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 4thEd. (WISC-4)

Screening:  111   Identification:  112

Woodcock-Johnson IV: Tests of Cognitive Ability

Screening:  111   Identification:  112

Visual and Performing Arts Ability:

Need baseline VPA score:

Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scale (GATES)

(Section 5, Items #41-50)

Screening: 57   Identification: 78

SRBCSS, 2004,

Visual (V):  Screening 59  Identification 62

Music (VII):  Screening 37  Identification  39

Drama (VII):  Screening 54  Identification 57

ODE Rubric for Scoring Visual Art/Music/Drama/Dance Performance

Visual:   Screening 16   Identification 21

Music:   Screening  14  Identification 18

Drama:  Screening 16   Identification 20

Dance:  Screening 20   Identification 26

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