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LMS Health Overview
   We are fortunate to have the chance to connect with all three grade levels concerning Health class here at Lake Middle School. The students learn about health and wellness in a fun and informative process.

In 6th grade the students focus on balancing the heath triangle which emphasizes physical, social, and mental / emotional areas of life.

The 7th grade year targets the importance of making good decisions, along with learning how substances and addiction can alter future goals.

The 8th grade year concentrates on parts, functions, and problems of the body systems. Students are able to achieve an understanding of how setting healthy habits can give them an advantage that will hopefully last a lifetime!

LMS Health Curriculum
6th, 7th, & 8th grade, 6 week sessions

6th Grade:
Health & Wellness (Ch.1)
Nutrition (Ch. 9)
Fitness (Ch.8)
Presenting Partners – Life Banc (Organ Donation).

7th Grade:
Review Health & Wellness (Ch.1)
Tobacco (Ch.13)
Alcohol (Ch.14)
Other Substances (Ch.15)
Presenting Partners – Ohio Investigative Unit, Akron PD, (under age & the law).

8th grade:
Review Health & Wellness (Ch.1)
Endocrine System (Ch.10)
Reproductive System (Ch.10)
Cardiovascular System (Ch.10)
Presenting Partners – Pregnancy Support Center (abstinence, decision making), Mercy Medical (cholesterol checks), Positive Impact (H.S. expectations).
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