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Lake High School believes that freshman students are a unique group with a unique set of needs. As a result, we have one counselor specifically assigned to work with the freshman class each year, as well as a mentoring program in place to help get them off to a great start as LHS students. 
Mentoring Program Coordinator

Mrs. Katie Marko (Freshmen counselor)
Mrs. Marko's Office Hours
Monday 7:15-12:15 
Tuesday 9:15-2:45
Wednesday 9:15-2:45
Thursday 9:15-2:45
Friday 7:15-12:00
Mentoring Teachers
Mentoring Program
Mentoring is a required class for all freshman students. It is 24 minutes per day Monday through Thursday with one mentor teacher and 3-5 student mentors. Our student mentors are juniors and seniors who have applied and interviewed for the position of LHS student mentor.



Mentoring Activities


Students are required to use this time as a study day. Mentor students are available to help students with assignments. Mentor teachers keep track of student grades and help to keep each one aware of how she or he is progressing through the year.


Speakers come in to address each mentoring group in our Performing Arts Hall. Past speakers have included our own staff members, former LHS students, community agency employees and school resource officers. Topics vary from study skills and college reality to teen depression, suicide and drug/alcohol use.


Students participate in small group discussions with their assigned student mentor. Discussions can include anything from upcoming school activities to social and academic frustrations or triumphs. 


Student mentors plan activities for the classes on these days. Some examples include board games, kickball tournaments and pizza parties


Freshman students who have all C's or higher and no significant discipline infractions are allowed privilege time. This gives them a long lunch period. Students who do not meet these standards are assigned to a loss of privilege (LOP) study hall.


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