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Frequently Asked Questions
Notes for parents: Based on frequently asked questions.

Grades in Middle School

Sometimes you hear middle school students say, “My grades don’t count for anything in middle school.” Well, yes, they do. Middle school sports are required to use the semester before the season begins to determine eligibility. Say your 7th grader wants to play volleyball or run cross country in the fall. Coaches will look at their last nine weeks of 6th grade. According to OHSAA rules, they must be passing 5 classes to be eligible.

Spanish is offered to the future 8th graders that have scored exemplary in several categories in Reading, because they will be taking Spanish in place of their reading class in 8th grade. The categories include: English grades, Reading grades, past state testing and attendance is taken into consideration. We only offer two sections of Spanish, so approximately 60 students receive a letter. 
Advanced math courses work the same way: 6th grade scores and grades are a big part of the recommendation process for advanced courses. Grades in 6th and 7th grade DO MATTER.


The state of Ohio requires all public schools to document all student absences. Without appropriate medical documentation and in accordance with Chapter 3321 of the Ohio Revised Code, we are forced to notify the courts regarding habitual and chronic nonattendance. These definitions are explained in the student planner and the LMS website. This is not a Lake Local rule; we follow the laws of the state of Ohio.

Riding Another Student’s Bus

In order for a student to ride someone else’s bus to or from school, in an emergency situation only, principal approval is needed. We must verify the request with both sets of parents and make sure there is room on the bus in question. We ask for a written request from BOTH families with phone numbers (in advance).
Our middle school lunch periods are 30 minutes. 
LMS Grading Scale
The grading scale for Lake Middle School is as follows......
Cell Phone/Ipod Use
Students are NOT permitted to have their cell phone or ipod on or visible during the school day (7:25-2:33). If you send a message to your child, understand that they will not be able to receive it until 2:33pm. We prefer devices to stay in the locker or book bag, so there is no chance of it falling out in class. Sticking out of a pocket is considered VISIBLE.  Please call the office (330-877-4290) if you need to reach your child during the school day.
If a child is caught with his/her phone or ipod out during school, it will be confiscated. After a warning, the First offense could be up to 5 days, usually 3 days, 2nd offense is 5 days. A parent may come and pick up the phone at any time from the office/Mr. Booth, but it will not be released back to the child until the set time is up. This may seem harsh, but we have found that students are very distracted by having a phone on them in classes. It is very tempting to check it, turn it on, etc. and then students are not engaged in the education process.

Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement Including Internet Use and Safety Use of Technology .pdf


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