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Stark County Integrated Preschool (SCiP)
Q. What is SCiP?

SCiP is the acronym for the Stark County Integrated Preschool. SCiP is a joint venture between the Stark County Educational Service Center and the Lake Local School District.

Q. How can I get my preschooler in the SCiP program?

The SCiP program is designed primarily for preschoolers, 3 - 5 years of age, who have a documented disability in one or more of the following areas:

   a. communication
   b. vision
   c. hearing
   d. motor skills
   e. social emotional/behavior
   f. self-help
   g. cognitive skills

Q. What is the program philosophy of SCiP?

The SCiP philosophy believes that children learn best when given opportunities to explore and manipulate age appropriate materials in a safe, nurturing, and carefully planned environment. Each activity chosen is based on the developmental skills of children. This developmentally appropriate practice promotes gains in all areas of development while making learning fun.
The SCiP teachers develop and extend children's interest through a literary-language rich curriculum. Ongoing developmental progress is assessed regularly, strenghthening teacher instruction and children's learning. This process builds a strong foundation for future learning success and a positive transition to kindergarten.

Q. Will SCiP prepare my child for kindergarten?

Yes, the SCiP program is based upon best teaching practices for young children. Children are involved in active learning experiences that are designed to enhance independence, self-esteem, curiosity, and problem solving.
"Kindergarten Club", a transition process for children going on to kindergarten, works on skills that are important for kindergarten success.

Q. Is transportation provided for my child to attend SCiP?

The Lake Local School District will provide transportation for preschoolers who have been identified as having a handicap which requires specialized instruction in one or more of the areas mentioned above.

Q. How many students are enrolled in a SCiP classroom?

Each SCiP teacher has 6-8 preschooler children with disabilities and up to 4 children without disabilities as "role models." Class size doesn't exceed 12 children per teacher. All of the SCiP classrooms have a teacher assistant as well.

Q. What is an integrated classroom?

An integrated classroom is one that includes children with a wide range of developmental levels. A limited number of children ages 4-5 and who are functioning at age-expected levels may attend as role models, or "SCiPPER's." Tuition for role models is based on a sliding scale. Contact the preschool teachers for further information (listed below).

Q. Who do I contact about determining if my preschooler has a disability?

You can contact Gary Kandel, Director of Special Services for Lake Local Schools, at 330-877-4293. Information will be obtained from you regarding your concerns. An evaluation may be indicated based on the information provided.

Q. What special services are offered for children through the SCiP program?

Special services are offered to those children with identified needs. While the following is not an exclusive list, services may include:girllksbks-300px.jpg

   a. speech-language therapy
   b. occupational therapy
   c. physical therapy
   d. audiological services
   e. adapted physical education
   f. special transportation

Services are provided to children as to their individual needs.

Q. How can I contact the SCiP program directly?

Ms. Kelly Ortiz and Ms. Maureen Miracle-Crabtree are the SCiP teachers. You can reach them directly at 330-699-3004.
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