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September-Pinwheels for Peace  
In today’s world, peace needs to become more than just a word.  In September, Lake Elementary School took part in an International art and literacy project, Pinwheels for Peace by “planting” pinwheels with messages of peace in front of their school.


Pinwheels for Peace is an art installation project started in 2005 by two Art teachers, Ann Ayers and Ellen McMillan, of Coconut Creek, Florida, as a way for students to express their feelings about what’s going on in the world and in their lives.  In the first year, groups in over 1,325 locations throughout the world were spinning pinwheels on September 21st - there were approximately 500,000 pinwheels spinning throughout the world. Last year (year 10), 2014, over 4.5 million pinwheels were spinning in over 3,500 locations, including the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and South America.


This project is non-political – peace doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with the conflict of war, it can be related to violence/intolerance in our daily lives, to peace of mind.  To each of us, peace can take on a different meaning, but, in the end, it all comes down to a simple definition: “a state of calm and serenity, with no anxiety, the absence of violence, freedom from conflict or disagreement among people or groups of people.” Lake Elementary students focused on how they can promote peace in their school through this project.


Students volunteered to give up one recess period to create pinwheels. As part of the creation process, the students wrote their thoughts about peace on one side of their pinwheel. On the other side, they drew symbols to visually express their feelings. On September 21st, International Day of Peace, these pinwheels were displayed outside of their school.


For more information, go to

October- Mix It Up at Lunch

“Teaching Tolerance's Mix It Up program is a national campaign that helps K-12 teachers develop inclusive school communities. Students thrive—socially and academically—in schools that are inclusive. Yet, for far too many students, schools are hotbeds of exclusion. Social scientists have long maintained that contact between diverse groups helps alleviate tensions and reduce prejudice. Mix It Up seeks to break down the barriers between students and improve intergroup relations so there are fewer misunderstandings that can lead to conflicts, bullying and harassment.”  (More information found at:


Lake Elementary students participated in this event to promote a learning environment where all feel accepted and welcome. To kick off the event, the fourth and fifth grade students participated in a Guidance lesson on getting to know each other and accepting differences among classmates. We talked about how getting to know one another can create a better environment in the school and that meeting new people is fun. We did a Mini-Mix It Up in the classroom to demonstrate what the Mix It Up Lunch on Wednesday, October 28th would look like.


On Mix It Up day, all students were encouraged to mix up their clothing, we saw some great outfits! In the cafeteria during lunchtime, the kids received a colored ticket then found a table with the same colored flag on it. At this table, they ate lunch with people they don’t normally sit with and worked on a Word Scramble for prizes. Students were invited to come in during recess in the month of October to help create posters to promote Mix It Up at Lunch and these students had the opportunity to help out during the event.    

November- We are Thankful Turkey
During the month of November, students were invited into the school counseling room during recess to create a feather for our thankful turkey. On this feather they were to write what they were thankful for and decorate it. Our turkey looked awesome and we found out that we have A LOT to be thankful for!
December- Christmas Cards for Area Nursing Home Residents
During the month of December, students were invited into the school counseling room during recess to create a Christmas card for nursing home residents. Many students came in a few times to make more cards when we needed them. We took them to Altercare of Alliance, Hartville, and Brimfield.
January-Responsibility Pledge
During the month of January, students were invited into the school counseling room during recess to create a hand and pledge ways they will be responsible at home, school, with friends and for themselves.
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