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Mission: Educating generations, serving our community
Vision: To be the leader in addressing educational, social, and physical needs of students and staff
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PIV (Pinnacle Internet Viewer)
  • Select the Gradebook link from the left side of the page
  • Username:  Student ID (ex. 123456789)
  • Password:  1st letter of first name; 1st three letters of last name; birthdate;
    • (ex. John Smith, dob January 20, 1990 would be: jsmi012090)
  • Click on Parents at the top of the page
  • Click on eClassrooms
  • Username:  last two digits of graduation year; lastname; firstname (ex. 15smithjohn)
  • Password:  last 4 digits of student ID (ex. 6789)
If you are trying to get online at home for eClassrooms, you may need to add AD\ before the username (ex. AD\15smithjohn).  Please be sure to use the backslash character (above the Enter key) and not the foward slash character (located to the left of the Shift key). 
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