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If you need something that is not here, please contact the athletic office so we can help you with it.
Purchasing and Travel
Purchases made for you by the athletic department need to be pre-approved through a Purchase Requisition. Fill out the vendor information and the items , quantities, descriptions, and prices of what you are ordering. Turn it in to the athletic office. YOU MAY NOT ORDER until you receive the OK from the athletic office. When your order arrives, please let the office know and forward any invoices that may be sent to you directly.
If you are purchasing through your booster club camp account, use this link to access the on-line request form
Travel: The Athletic Department only covers travel expenses when you are coaching players in competition. Arrangements are handled through the athletic secretary and you should get all the necessary information to the athletic department as soon as possible. Here are the Lake Local athletic travel guidelines
Fundraising: Use this form for requesting (before) and reconciling (after) any fundraisers that you conduct.
Your FinalForms account is where you can view all of your certificate information and upload new certificates that you earn.
Once you have set up your initial account through the email you were sent by the athletic department, you can access your account using the link below.
FinalForms will have all your player data including their physical expiration date. You are responsible for keepinging an accurate roster and adding program information and post season awards.
Use FinalForms to view and print your player's e-cards (Emergency Medical Forms) so that you have them at all times.
You are required to read and complete all forms in your account before you may attend a practice. We also ask that you edit your profile to add a phone number and mailing address. 
Coaching Certifications
In order for us to sign off on your Pupil Activity Permit (PAP), the following must be on file:
1.) Valid FBI/BCI checks. For new coaches, you will need to make an appointment at the county office. Here is the link: Finger Print Appointments 
2.) Fundamentals of Coaching. This is a one-time class. If you have not previously taken it, it is available through the National Federation of High Schools at NFHSlearn 
3.) Valid CPR certificate. There are many programs. CPRToday is quick and easy.
4.) A Concussion safety course. This course is free at NFHSlearn 
5.) A course on sports medicine. Again, there are several different providers. "First Aid, Health and Safety" is available at NFHSlearn
6.) Sudden Cardiac Arrest awareness training. This will be completed each year when you complete your FinalForms.
You can apply for your PAP through your OH|ID account at the Ohio Department of Education. Here is the link ODE SAFE. When you are searching for superintendent's signature use our IRN #049866 
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