Lake Middle School
511 Market Ave. SW
Hartville, Ohio 44632
Office hours 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
School hours 7:20 AM - 2:30 PM
Office (330) 877-4290    Fax (330) 877-1384
Principal -- Mr. Brian Reed
Assistant Principal --
 Mrs. Julie Lyberger


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Welcome to Lake Middle School!
Once again, our entire staff is prepared

to offer an excellent educational experience

for each of our students in the

2014-15 school year!

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Please be aware of the upcoming computer based statewide testing for grades 6 through 8.  

The tests will begin on February 25th and end on the 19th of March. Each grade will have different test dates. They will not be tested every day.  You will be getting an email that is grade specific within the next few days as to when your child’s grade will have their tests.  

I would like to ask your cooperation in making sure your child is in attendance for their tests and ready to demonstrate their knowledge and skill set acquired over the course of this year. If your child has head phones or ear buds, they are encouraged to bring them for personal use on testing days.

If you would like a hard copy of these dates, please feel free to contact any of your child’s teachers, counselor, or the main office.                        Sincerely, Mr. Reed, Principal



6th grade              February 25         7:30-9:00

February 26         7:30-9:00

February 27         7:30-9:00

6th grade              March 6           7:30-9:00

6th grade              March 12             11:00-12:30

March 13             11:00-12:30


7th grade              March 3               10:00-11:30

                              March 4               10:00-11:30

March 5               10:00-11:30


7th grade              March 16             10:00-11:30

                              March 17             10:00-11:30

8th grade              March 2               7:30-9:00

8th grade              March 9               7:30-9:00

March 10             7:30-9:00

March 11             7:30-9:00

8th grade              March 18             9:30-11:00

March 19             9:30-11:00



7th and 8th grade schedule...


9:21 – 9:25                                HR

9:28 – 9:57                                Per. 1

10:00 – 10:29                            Per. 2

10:32 – 11:01                            Per. 3

11:04 – 11:33                            Per. 4

11:36 – 12:05                            Per. 5A (7th grade) 8th Lunch

12:08 – 12:42                            Per. 5B (8th grade) 7th Lunch

12:45 – 1:33                              Per. 6

1:36 – 2:25                                Per. 7

6th grade schedule...                    


  9:21 -    9:25                                               HR

  9:28 –   9:57                                   1          BLUE Specials

10:00 – 10:29                                  2          WHITE Specials

10:32 – 11:01                                  3          Music / Study Hall

11:04 -  11:33                                  LUNCH

11:36 -  12:32                                  5                                  TESTING

12:35 -    1:31                                  6                                  11:40am- 1:10pm

  1:34 -    2:30                                   7                                  pd. 5   1:15 – 1:38

                                                                                                pd. 6   1:41 – 2:04

                                                                                                pd. 7  2:07 – 2:30



Outstanding Job 

Cast of High School Musical Jr.

Mrs. Ley, Director

Student Transportation Handbook has been approved and is now on our transportation webpage (PDF format) for you to use. Click on the parent tab at the top of this page - Click on Transportation - Click on student handbook -Please refer to the handbook regarding most of  student / parent related questions……you are always welcome to contact the Transportation office 330-877-4275 as well.

STUDENT ILLNESS/ CALL OFF    1. Parents are to report their child's absence from school by phone by 8:00 a.m. to (330) 877-4290.  They may call and simply report this to the answering machine or the school secretary. (guardian name, student name, day of absence, reason for absence and his/her grade)

2. If no call off was made, the student should have the parent or guardian write an excuse giving student name, grade, date, days of absence, reason for absence and his/her signature which is to be submitted to the main office upon the student's return.

NOTE:  If a personal illness requires medical attention, please forward a copy of the certificate of the doctor. The student will report to the main office with his/her "Medical Excuse" after which a special medical admission slip will be issued. This serves to notify teachers and attendance officers that the absence was medically excused.  

3. The student should ask all teachers for make-up work. Assignments that are not made up will be reflected in their grade. Each student is responsible for seeing that all make-up work is completed.

Each parent/child will get a confidential username and password at the beginning of the school year.
Teachers and staff do not have passcode information.
If you lose the code or cannot log in, please contact the guidance office (Mrs. Conti) and she will print out a new letter for you.
We are not permitted to give this information out over the phone.
Midterm reports are no longer being sent home, so it is important to utilize this site for grade updates between grading periods.
Share the information with your child, as they have the opportunity to view PIV in classes, as well.
Access PIV using the link on the Parent or Student page.
Enter the username and password from the PIV letter. (Be sure Lake Local is selected as the domain)

PARENT DROP OFF AND PICK UP AT LMS - Our building opens at 6:30 AM. The office closes at 3:00 PM.

Drop off - in front of the school is one way going North to South (Enter at traffic light - exit by the public library). Pull up on the left side of the cement barrier/side walk (avoid inside bus lane). Pull as far down as possible, allowing cars behind you to also pull down.  All students should exit the right side of the vehicle and walk to the nearest crosswalk. Buses will be coming down the inside lane. Students must be alert and only cross at the two designated walks.  

Early drop off before 7:10 AM - Students are not permitted in lockers or classrooms before 7:10 AM.

Students may enter door 15, 19, OR 20 from 7:00 AM until 7:20 AM. Door #19 is the only door that remains open after 7:20 AM.

Avoid traffic delays – Plan to drop off at 7:00 AM. ALL vehicles must pull down as far as possible.  ***Do not stop in front of door #19 if there is room to pull forward to door #20. 

After 7:20 AM - Doors 15 and 20 are locked. Students must go through Door #19 and into the office and sign in.

Visitors - All substitutes and visitors must go through Door #19 and into the office and sign in. There are visitor parking spots in front of door #19.  Students can sign themselves in and will receive a tardy pass for homeroom. 

Tardies to school and Homeroom tardies are tracked through the office. Mrs. Lyberger handles discipline for tardies (after 4 have been accumulated).  Tardies start over January 12 and students will begin discipline after 3 tardies have been accumulated. Students are marked tardy until 9:45 AM, then it is recorded as a 1/2 day absence.  Students who sign out before 12:05 PM are considered 1/2 day absent. Medical Excuses - Turn in any medical excuses to the main office (those are not recorded toward school tardies or absences).


Appointments during school hours - Parents must sign out students for appointments in the main office – enter door #19 – go into main office. Please send in a note with your child that morning so we can give the student a pass. They bring the note to the office during homeroom.  Middle school lunch periods are 30 minutes. Parents are permitted to sign their own child out for lunch. Please send in a note in the morning so the child can be waiting in the office for pick up. After school: Students are permitted to walk home, go to the public library or YMCA without a parent note.Students should not be in the middle school or high school after 2:45 PM without adult supervision. Parent Pick Up – Students exit the building at the end of the day and use the cross walks to move to the center cement barrier sidewalk to wait for parents. No sign out is needed. Students may also wait inside door #19.  After School Detentions – Students serve detentions in the art room or with their teacher. A parent signature is required on the detention slip. Detentions are from 2:30-3:00PM.  Students can be picked up outside door #19. If a student is not able to serve a detention on the assigned day, they must talk to Mrs. Lyberger for office detentions, or the person who issued the detention. Failure to serve may result in additional discipline.

Boys and Girls 7-8 basketball: Lake Elem gym, 225 Lincoln Street, Hartville 44632, enter door #6
Wrestling Events: Lake HS Complex, 11936 King Church Ave, Uniontown 44685, enter door #5 on the west side of the complex off of King Church Street
Track: Lake Blue Streak Varsity Stadium, 11858 North Market Ave, Hartville 44632, bus should enter the South stadium entrance
8th football: Lake Youth Stadium, 225 Lincoln Street, Hartville 44632
Volleyball: Lake MS, 12001 North Market Ave, Hartville 44632, enter door # 19
ATHLETIC SCHEDULES are available at http:\\www.lakelocal.org or in the High School Athletic Office 330-877-4288

lists every event in the district. Go to the parent or student page - click on the calendar link – see events for the entire district.Sort for Middle School events by clicking on the spot light and selecting our building. Click the away event to get driving directions and many other options.

Class trip Reminders for students.docx
6th Grade Summer Reading List '14-'15--update.pdf
7th Grade Summer Reading List updated 2014-15.pdf
8th Grade Summer Reading 2014.pdf
Acceptable Use of Technology.pdf
Back to school and dress oode.pdf
Cell phone and ipod use during school.pdf
Class Trip -Dispensing of Medication Guidelines.docx.pdf
How to use PIV and teacher pages.pdf
Lake Student Handbook 2014-15.pdf
Riding another bus.pdf
SUPPLY LIST 2014-15.pdf

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