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Lunch Information

  • Lunch codes do not change
  • Lunches cost $3, Extra milk $ .50, Extra main dish $2.25
  • You can charge a lunch if you forget your money
  • Students come into cafeteria and find a seat
  • No assigned seats – no more than 8 to a round table
  • If you borrow a chair from another table – return it
  • Students wait to be dismissed to enter the lunch line
  • The order of dismissal rotates around the cafeteria
  • Different tables are first/last each day
  • Packers may go and buy a drink at any time
  • Packers may use the microwave at any time
  • Buyers must have a fruit on the tray to count as a full lunch
  • Be sure you have all items before you pay for your lunch
  • You may not re-enter to get something you forgot
  • Extra spoons, forks and paper towels - by microwaves
  • Students may use the restroom at any time
  • Students may go to the media center during lunch
  • Must ask an adult and get the library pass
  • Students may throw away trash at any time
  • There are paper towels by the microwaves
  • It is expected that students will handle their own messes
  • Adults are happy to help
  • There are brooms, dust pans and mops for clean up
  • Save your pop tabs and put them in the provided containers
  • Students must WAIT to be dismissed
  • Be respectful of your environment and others
  • Push in chairs and pick up trash
  • If asked to help pick something up/push in a chair, please help out
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