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Lake Middle School Band Students Achieve Top Rating at OMEA Event
Saturday, April 8, 2017 all Lake seventh and eighth grade band students performed at the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) District 8 Adjudicated Event held at Alliance High School.

All students participated in at least one small ensemble, and some students also performed solos. Each performance was given a rating and comments by a judge based on tone, intonation, interpretation, and technique. Ratings were given based on the following scale: I – Superior, II – Excellent, III – Good, IV – Fair, and V – Poor.

Lake’s 44 adjudicated performances (involving 30 different band ensembles and 14 individuals performing solos) received an outstanding 36 Superior (I) ratings, 7 Excellent (II) ratings, and 1 Good (III) rating.

The following ensembles received a “superior” rating
: 7th Flute Trio A: Tyler Preda, EmmaLouise Earles, Megan Silvis; 7th Flute Trio B: Mackenzie White, Lizzie Yoder, Audrey Kirk; 7th Flute Choir: Audrey Kirk, Lizzie Yoder, Tyler Preda, Mackenzie White, EmmaLouise Earles, Madisyn Broyles, Keeley Sample, Megan Silvis; 7th Double Reed Quartet: Robert Schrembeck, Gabby Gazdacko, Madison Didyk, McKenzi Brinkerhoff; 7th Clarinet Choir A: Jacob Lacey, Kylie O'Sullivan, Jacob Behrend, Grace James, Logan Batchik; 7th Clarinet Choir B: Logan Miller, Marina Horton, Bella Schlabach, Olivia Carr, Melinda Hench, Zachary Mace; 7th Woodwind Quartet: Audrey Kirk, Gabby Gazdacko, Grace James, Madison Didyk; 7th French Horn Trio: Robert Eberz, Ian Calcei, Tysen Leib; 7th Low Brass Choir: Alyssa Lavy, Michael Harris, Wyatt Metz, Ian Clevinger, Sam Rabal, Robert Capron, Eli Mirkovic; 7th Percussion Ensemble: Wendy Tobin, Joshua Kuhn, Tony Stepic, Adam Burkett, Marissa Oblisk, Grace Snodgrass; 7-8 Oboe Quartet: Robert Schrembeck, Gabby Gazdacko, Zach Cutting, Ranita DiMarco; 8th Flute Trio A: Jade Hamrick, Anna Labbe, Sydney Moore; 8th Flute Trio B: Aubrey Lengel, Kennedy Willis, Sarah Pindel; 8th Flute Choir: Jade Hamrick, Anna Labbe, Aubrey Lengel, Sarah Pindel, Sydney Moore, Kennedy Willis; 8th Double Reed Trio: Zach Cutting, Ranita DiMarco, Austin Emery; 8th Clarinet Trio A: Claire Fuller, Amanda Kaser, Paige Brophy; 8th Clarinet Trio B: Tyler Milush, Nick Bradcovich, Calvin Milush; 8th Clarinet Choir A: Claire Fuller, Amanda Kaser, Tyler Milush, Nick Bradcovich, Calvin Milush, Tasha Tarter, Paige Brophy, Lauren Cunningham; 8th Saxophone Ensemble: Connor Wertman, Stanley Yerrick, Nathan Ross, Daniel Lyogky, Nathan Grega; 8th Trumpet Ensemble: Tannor Boston, Dillon Walls, Tate Wise, Henry Ditchkus, Eli Bragg, Gage Briggs, Collin Talkington, Hannah Spicer, Tyler Eakin, Sujeeth Muruganandam, Tommy Clark, Zach Robinson, Cody Endinger, Matt Troyer; 8th French Horn Choir: Aaron Martin, Matthew Desjardins, David Whitacre, Sydney Linsky, Jake Bishop; 8th Low Brass Choir: Ethan Gullett, Paul Jentes, Garrett Marshall, Rhys Patrykas, Joey Despina, Andrew Wagner, Sabrina Nespo, Jakub Edwards, Ethan Kraft, Ashton Ninni, Jaden Gonzales, Julian Hackel, Michael Walls; 8th Percussion Ensemble: Drew Bailey, Logan Zetts, Colton Zeitler, Alexandra Gordon-Waite, Niki Mirkovic, Olivia Conrad

The following soloists received a “superior” rating: Audrey Kirk, Flute; Sydney Moore, Flute; Sarah Pindel, Flute; Kennedy Willis, Flute; Lizzie Yoder, Flute; Robert Schrembeck, Oboe; Nick Bradcovich, Clarinet; Jacob Lacey, Clarinet; Kylie O'Sullivan, Clarinet; Stan Yerrick, Alto Saxophone; Tate Wise, Trumpet; Amanda Caudill, Trombone; Ian Clevinger, Tuba

The following ensembles received an “excellent” rating: 7th Trombone Choir: Amanda Caudill, Nathan Miles, Nick Teeple, Garrett Sullivan, Anderson Neidert, Nick Tarter, Kalen Caris; 7th Trumpet Choir: Joshua Martin, Cooper Bertschi, Nolan Pascu, Austin Hockenberry, Cameron Ryan, Kendra Werstler; 7th Trombone Quartet: Nathan Miles, Nick Teeple, Garrett Sullivan, Anderson Neidert; 7th Percussion Ensemble: Nicholas Gordon-Waite, Sean Turner, Colton King, Ryan Thomas, Ryan Moorhead; 8th Clarinet Choir B: Tasha Tarter, Cooper Smith, Hannah Bolton, Nelia Smith, Ray Risden; 8th Brass Quintet: Tate Wise, Tanner Boston, Aaron Martin, Ethan Gullett, Jaden Gonzales
The following soloist received an “excellent” rating: Aubrey Lengel, Flute

The following ensemble received a “good” rating
: 7th Baritone Trio; Alyssa Lavy, Michael Harris, Wyatt Metz

”We continue to be proud of the talents our band students consistently exhibit at this event. It is a testament to the importance that Lake Local Schools places on our Arts programs. We are very fortunate to have administrators and a Board of Education that understand and appreciate the importance of the Arts,” said Lake’s Director of Music Rich Kibler.

Congratulations to all these students, and all the Band instructors who lead them, at Lake Local Schools!


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