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School Facility Update 12/08/16
Now that site work has been completed on our new community athletic fields on State Route 43, and at the new grades 2-6 building behind Hartville/Lake Elementary, we plan to keep you regularly updated with periodic updates via this link on the district website beginning in January, 2017.

Be sure to stop in for these helpful updates starting in the new year!

Also, as of today, Dec. 8, 2016, we have the following news to share about our school construction projects, provided by Facility Project Manager John McAllister:

• The new UE playground (in back of the school) is now complete and has been well received by students - and staff!

• Site development of the grades 2-6 building is now complete; construction bids will go out in January, 2017.

• Construction bids for the grades 7-12 building have gone out.

• Plans call for actual construction of the 2-6 and 7-12 building to start in the spring of 2017.

• The community athletic fields located at State Route 43 near the district bus garage are in place; athletes should be able to play softball there in the spring of 2017, and football/soccer in the fall of 2017.

Also see a complete Facility Project Schedule as of 12/08/16, prepared by John by clicking on this link.

From this point forward, If you have any questions relating to the current plans and progress of the new school facilities, contact Karen Koch, at 330-877-7628, or e-mail her at and she will try to provide you an answer as quickly as possible.