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Facility Planning Update 10-2-15

      The Facility Planning Team will be meeting with Sol Harris/Day two Fridays per month to guide the process in development of our facilities. Those serving so far are: Brian Taylor, Mark Fedor, Mike Cassetty, Brian Koch, Chuck Evans, David VanderKaay, Derrick Bailey, Jeff Wendorf, Nicole Nichols, John McAllister, Chris Eliopoulos, Kevin Tobin, Jeff Breit, and Rich Kibler. Our meetings will be on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.

We visited Beaver Local Schools on Sept 25 – 2 teachers and an administrator from each building, student, and district administrators participated. The new k-12 building just opened a few weeks ago and contains much of the detail we discussed in our visioning sessions – student centered and flexible. It was very exciting to be able to actually see the things we are talking about. We captured many photos - those can be viewed on Twitter and Instagram by searching for #lakefacilities. I will forward the details about that when it is set up.

Our Core meeting was held Wednesday. This is a biweekly meeting with OSFC, Sol Harris/Day, J. Wendorf, J. McAllister, N. Nichols, C. Eliopoulos, and will eventually include the CM-R team. There is much information and documents involved in this group. 

Construction Managers will give presentations on October 5.  Scoring and cost proposals will be reviewed by OFCC and the CM-R selection will be announced on or about Oct. 12.  The CM-R will join the planning teams to add construction detail following the development of design.