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Student Drop-Off Procedures

Transportation and Traffic Flow Update for Drop Off/Pick Up Times at Hartville and Lake Elementary

We encourage all students to ride the bus. Your bus number and approximate pick up and drop off time will be posted at in August. Buses will continue to line up on Belle Street and Lincoln Street both in the morning and at dismissal. Student drop off in the morning will continue to be implemented at the west end of the Lake/Hartville complex with all students from Hartville and Lake entering Lake Elementary through door 7. We used door 6 last school year, but have changed it to door 7 so that students have a larger area to be dropped off at in the morning.

Parents that are dropping off students are asked to pull up five car lengths past door 6 in the west parking lot, to allow as many students as possible to exit from their family cars. This will greatly expedite the drop off process and will prevent a long line of waiting cars from forming along Park Lane Drive. Additional yellow arrows have been added to help parents remember to pull up and fill five car lengths beyond door 6 before they stop to let children out. Our school resource officers will be there to assist with the flow of traffic and make sure that students are entering the school building safely.

Once buses have left in the afternoon, parent vehicles can park at Lake Elementary’s Door 4 by the office, and by Hartville Elementary’s Door 1 to the office. Parents can also park by Door 6 at the west end of Lake Elementary at any time during the day, and can enjoy a short walk to get their child(ren).

NOTE: If a bus is running late for afternoon pickup of students, Lake and Hartville Elementary staff will have traffic cones in place at Door 4 and Door 1 respectively, preventing parents from parking at those entrances until the bus(es) arrive. Cones will be removed as soon as late buses have picked up students and departed.

A quick reminder if parents need to park and visit Hartville and Lake Elementary in the morning, as buses are dropping off children: guest parking is available in the west parking lot all day by Lake Elementary’s Door 6. Public parking is also available in the Memorial Park, across from Lake Elementary, and in a designated parking lot across from the Euro Gyro restaurant on Sunnyside St. Parents will have a five to ten-minute walk from these parking areas to the schools.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through and adjust to various challenges arising as a result of our new school construction project! Our new school building will be worth the temporary inconveniences we are adapting to now.

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