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Lake Middle School Imposed a Lockdown
All Parents – today at Lake Middle School we had a threat against the school which created the need to go into a lockdown.
That decision was made to keep our kids as safe as we could at that moment.  
Our ability to conduct an ongoing investigation and keep our kids protected is our first priority.  A note was found in a restroom by a student threatening to shoot within the school at a specific time.  Local law enforcement agencies began to investigate immediately, and after due process it was determined that the threat not credible.  We had several hundred students released to their parents prior to the conclusion of the school day.  I am very thankful for everyone’s cooperation and patience during these very trying times.  Your child’s safety is our district's number one priority.

We continue to review all of our procedures and expectations for such events as today.  We have also been proactive in many areas that we believe will ultimately benefit the safety of all of our children.  I have received many emails and have had many phone conversations this past week in light of the tragedy at Jackson Middle school this past Tuesday.  We will continue to review all of the suggestions and thoughts that have been conveyed. 

As I stated earlier this week, please speak with your children about these types of threats, and as happened today, if you see something, be sure to say something! 

Kevin T. Tobin
Lake Local Schools