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Lake’s GenYes Presents at State Tech Conference in Columbus
Several students from Lake High School’s GenYes program, and instructor Frank Pilato, had the unique opportunity to attend and present a program at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) in Columbus on Feb. 14, 2018.
The premier P-20 state educational technology conference, it attracts more than 4,000 educational technology professionals and enthusiasts annually to explore the forefront of P-20 learning and innovation in Ohio. (P-20 is an educational term describing time from preschool through the postsecondary level and starting a career, equaling approximately 20 years.) 

Designed to cultivate partnerships, promote collaboration, deliver high-quality information, and make technology accessible and enjoyable for educators, the OETC is the must-attend conference of the year for P-20 teachers, curriculum and technology coordinators, administrators, higher education professors, and others interested in learning more about what’s happening in the fast paced world of technology today.

During the conference’s three full days, attendees learned about what’s new and looked to the future by exploring new technologies, trying them out in an interactive atmosphere, and learning how to integrate them into the learning environment.

This year, Lake Local Schools was well represented as Pilato and several of his current GenYes students gave a presentation to a packed room on Moving 1:1 and the Career Tech GenYes program offered at Lake High School.  The students spoke about daily activities of GenYes, and services the Career Tech class provides to the district, staff members, and fellow students.  Student presenters included junior Aidan Stalker, senior Barrett Osmundsn, junior Drew Lantzer, senior Alex Paxton, and senior Tate Testa. They gave an informative presentation and fielded questions from the audience.

“It was an amazing experience for the students.  We showcased what Lake is offering,” began Pilato.  

“They handled themselves extremely well in front of school administrators, superintendents, classroom teachers, and various other people. This program to me is so much more than just fixing computers.  It is about the valuable skills these students will gain, and opportunities to do things they never would inside a traditional classroom, like this presentation.  It is amazing to watch them rise to the occasion over and over again,” said Pilato.

Students enrolled in Lake’s GenYes program learn 21st century career skills including technology integration, addressing break-fix computer issues, and much more while assisting Lake staff and fellow students.  

Each year the GenYes program continues to evolve.  It undertook teaching basic robotics lessons to grades K-6 earlier this year by using storytelling, and merging basic coding and programming concepts into existing curriculum studied by students.

Other area schools are now interested in adopting programming similar to Lake’s GenYes class within their own districts, and some have visited Lake to gain insights into how the course is presented.

Lake GenYes students and their instructor, Frank Pilato, recently presented a session at the 
Ohio Educational Technology Conference in Columbus.
From left are Alex Paxton, Drew Lantzer, Barrett Osmundson, Aidan Stalker, Frank Pilato, and Tate Testa.