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Lake High School Internal Collaboration Recognized by Ohio Department of Health
A great collaboration has existed between Therese Gilbert, School Nurse Coordinator of Lake Local Schools, and the Career Tech Health Technologies Prep program at Lake High School since the fall of 2011.
Each year, Lake’s juniors and seniors enrolled in the Career Tech Health Tech Prep program are trained by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) in how to perform vision and hearing screenings for fellow Lake Local students. Lake High School has been a pioneer in Ohio in training its students to perform these screenings.
Chris Baker, Lake High School’s Health Technologies Prep instructor, and Mrs. Gilbert developed a rubric that has been used at Lake for the past six years for an oral practical test that each Health Tech Prep student must pass in order to perform screenings on other students. This test ensures that each student is able to perform the screenings proficiently. Any student who performs poorly on the test is not allowed to complete screenings.
The ODH now uses this same rubric developed at Lake for its own Skills Assessment that every medical screener now uses, including school nurses in the state of Ohio who are training to become certified screeners.
The final page of the “Train the Trainer Program” document implemented by the ODH now includes the following brief note of thanks:
“The Ohio Department of Health would like to thank Lake High School and OSHA for its guidelines, which were utilized in the development of the “Train the Trainer” manual. The input of these agencies’ critical insight was valuable in the development of this Train the Trainer manual.”
“We take a lot of pride in our students, and their ability to competently complete the vision and hearing screening tests for our students. It has allowed us to provide an efficient screening process in which the student is screened and back in their classroom within 15 minutes,” stated Mrs. Baker.
“We have also taken our screening clinics on the road, and have completed screenings for two other school districts. The experience and knowledge our health tech students have gained is invaluable both to them and to us,” added Mrs. Gilbert. “We thank the Ohio Department of Health for their recognition, and for allowing us to work with them.”
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