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Attendance Office


The attendance office is located at the Door 2 entrance (by the Flagpole on the Market Avenue side of the building).  After the 7:29 late bell, all students should enter through the Attendance Office (Door 2).  Students arriving late to school will be issued a pass to their first period class from the attendance office.

Call Off Procedure:

Parents/Guardians should report their child’s absence by calling the attendance line (330.877.4762) as soon as possible in the morning. Please state your name, your phone number, your child’s name, grade level and reason for the absence.  

An automated call out will begin at approximately 10:00 a.m. If a parent has not communicated with the attendance office about their child’s absence/late arrival, a call will be made to serve as a reminder to call the attendance office with the appropriate information. Absences cannot be excused without confirmation from a parent. 

Late Arrival:

If your child is expected to arrive late to school, please contact the attendance office (330.877.4762) to report the late arrival.  The student should enter Door 2 to obtain a pass to class. When calling, please state your name, your phone number, your student’s name, grade level and reason for the tardiness.  The parent/guardian does not need to enter the building to drop off their child.

Early Dismissal:

If your child needs to be dismissed early for any reason, the attendance office must be notified in advance.  The parent/guardian should send a note to school with the child’s name, grade level, time and the reason for dismissal.  If a last-minute emergency arises, the parent/guardian may call the attendance office (330.877.4762).

Once the attendance office has been notified of the request, the student will be issued an Early Dismissal Pass.  This pass will indicate the time the student is to leave the building. The student will show this pass to their teacher prior to leaving.   A student may not leave the building without an Early Dismissal Pass.  If a student becomes ill during the school day, they are to report to the clinic.  The clinic will contact the student’s parent/guardian.  In order to ensure all students are dismissed appropriately and arrive home safely, it is imperative that students follow the clinic procedures when feeling ill and the need to go home. Failure to comply with this procedure will result in the implementation of disciplinary action.

Parents of 9th -12th grade students do not need to enter the building to pick their child up for an early dismissal.

Parents of 7th & 8th grade students with an early dismissal, must pick their child up at the Attendance Office located inside door 2 (by the Flagpole on the Market Avenue side of the building).  For the safety of our students please be prepared to provide your drivers’ license to verify your identity.

Advanced Absences:

When a student knows that he/she will be absent from school, he/she is required to complete a Pre-Arranged Absence Form.  This form requires a parent signature, teacher signatures and administrative approval.  This form should be returned to the Attendance Office.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify teachers and complete the assignments that will be missed.  Any absence that is not a Board approved absence, listed in the Student Handbook (page 23), requires administrative approval.

Medical/Dental Appointments

If a medical/dental appointment is scheduled during the school day, the call off procedure remains the same.  Medical documentation is required upon return from the appointment to document the absence as a medically excused absence.

For a full listing of attendance polices, please review the student handbook.  The LMHS Student Handbook is located electronically on this page, posted electronically in Canvas and was given to each student at the beginning of the school year.
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