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Good Nutrition & Tasty Recipes

Make Good Nutrition Healthy and Fun!





Take time to click on each image below to learn how to read food labels, eat on a budget, and learn about the USDA 'MyPlate' and USDA National School Lunch programs.


Our Nutrition Services Department

Proper nutrition is very important, especially when it comes to learning and physical activity.  Food fuels our bodies and minds!

As the Food Service Department, it is our goal to provide every student with a nutritious meal at an affordable rate. Each of our meals come with a protein, vegetable, fruit, grain and dairy product to ensure a well-rounded diet for our students.

Our department is made up of 24 professionals who work hard every day to give our students a variety of nutritious and enjoyable meals.  Every item sold or served at our schools meets state and federal guidelines, which are based on current USDA Dietary Guidelines. 

Thank you for allowing us to serve your Blue Streaks! 


Here at Lake Local Schools, we participate in a Harvest of the Month program which is a county-wide initiative highlighting locally grown food products. 


Each month, a different vegetable or fruit is chosen and then incorporated into the school menu for our students.  This is our way of encouraging our students to try fresh new fruits and vegetables, and to support our local businesses.

Lunch Prices

Today School Lunch


Grades: K - 1 $2.65
Grades: 2 - 6 $2.90
Grades 7 - 12 $3.15
A la Carte Milk only $0.50
Reduced Lunch Meal Grades K - 12 - $0.40

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Nutrition Department, please contact Dave Lloyd, Food Service Director, at 330-877-4742 or