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Health Services

Lake Health Services Staff

When a student should stay home/when they can return

Important Medical Forms

Health Screenings Please click here for information on hearing and vision screenings.

Services Provided

Please provide the nurse and the school with any information that pertains to the health of your child. (For example: any new shots, allergies, medical problems, or medications needed)


  • We encourage you to seek medical attention when necessary when your child is sick or injured. Please follow all recommendations from your healthcare provider regarding your child’s return to school and other activities.
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*Always make sure your emergency phone numbers are up-to-date and in Final Forms.

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Final Forms

The Final Forms program is used by Lake Local Health Services to gather important student information, including  contact information, medical services and health history. Also, authorization for over-the- counter medications can be found here.


Online Resources


Lake Local School District, in cooperation with Mercy Medical Center, provides School Nursing Services.

"Healthy Children Are Better Learners."
Ohio Association of School Nurses

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