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Annual Notices

Lake Local School District
Annual Mandated Notices

To be in compliance with federal and state law, the school district is required to inform residents about various programs, policies and procedures that are in place in the district.  All board policy and guidelines referenced may be accessed at

Accessibility of District Facilities
Upon request to the Superintendent/designee, the district shall make reasonable accommodation for a disabled person to be able to participate in activities.

AHERA Management Plan
In compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act passed by Congress in 1986 the Lake Local School District has an AHERA Management Plan on file. Anyone interested in viewing the plan may contact, Jeff Breit, Director of Operations at 330-877-9383.

American with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.)
The Lake Local School District welcomes and encourages any and all comments from individuals interested in the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.). The A.D.A. contains Title I – Employment, Title II – Public Services, and Title III – Public Accommodations. Please contact Lisa Shannon, Special Service Director at 330-877-9383.

In its efforts to comply with Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), the Ohio Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), and the Ohio Public Employment Risk Reduction Act (PERRA) the Board recognizes its responsibility to:

•         inspect all District buildings for the existence of asbestos or asbestos containing materials;
•         take appropriate actions based on the inspections
•         establish a program for dealing with friable asbestos, if found;
•         maintain a program of periodic surveillance and inspection of facilities or equipment containing asbestos;
•         comply with EPA regulations governing the transportation and disposal of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials.

The Superintendent shall appoint a person to develop and implement the District's Asbestos Management Program. Said individual will be responsible for the District’s proper compliance with Federal and State laws and the appropriate instruction of staff and students.

The Superintendent shall also verify that, when conducting asbestos abatement projects, each contractor employed by the District is licensed pursuant to the Ohio Department of Health Regulations.

Nothing in this policy should be construed in any way as an assumption of liability by the Board for any death, injury, or illness that is the consequence of an accident or equipment failure or negligent or deliberate act beyond the control of the Board or its officers and employees. 40 C.F.R. 763.92 Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA) 15 U.S.C. 2601, 20 U.S.C. 4022, 20 U.S.C. 4014, 20 U.S.C. 4011 et seq. Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Act of 1984 Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Reauthorization Act of 1990, 20 U.S.C. 4011 Public Employee Risk Reduction Act (PERRA) R.C. 4167.01  et seq. R.C. 921.01 et seq. A.C. 901:5-11 et seq., 3701-34-06 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s document titled, “How to Manage Asbestos in Schools” may be accessed at:

Anti-Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying Policy
Per Ohio Law, House Bill 276 requires all school districts to develop and adopt an Anti-Harassment / Intimidation / Bullying policy. In addition to the adoption and implementation of this policy, district administrators are required to providing semi-annual summary reports of verified acts of harassment, intimidation and bullying. All incidents should be immediately reported to the Superintendent or Building Administrator. The Anti-Harassment Compliance Officers are: Angel Harbaugh, Curriculum Director and Nicole Nichols, Treasurer, who may be reached at: Telephone: 330-877-9383.

Board of Education
The Board of Education is a policy-making body comprised of five residents of the school district. Members of the Board are elected by voters of the district and serve a four-year term. The Board derives its powers and responsibilities from the Ohio General Assembly to establish a sound educational philosophy. The Board establishes policy: 

•         To be responsible to the residents of the Lake Local School District
•         To serve as a policy-making body
•         To develop sound financial plans based upon educational needs and available resources
•         To provide leadership for educational progress
•         To be solely responsible for the employment and evaluation of the Superintendent and Treasurer
•         To recognize the Superintendent’s responsibility for all administrative functions
•         To refer applications, complaints, communication, and other matters directly to the Superintendent
•         To approve an annual school calendar
•         To levy taxes when residents approve a tax issue

The Board of Education meetings are open to the public.

The Board, under Ohio law, may hold executive sessions during the meeting to discuss: 

•         Personnel matters
•         Purchase of property for public purposes 
•         Pending or imminent court action 
•         Negotiations with employees
•         Matters to be kept confidential by federal or state statutes 
•         Specialized details of security arrangements 

Executive sessions are for discussion only. All board action is taken in public session. 

The Board of Education recognizes the value to school governance of public comments on educational issues and the importance of allowing members of the public to express themselves on school matters of community interest. To allow the Board to complete the agenda in an effective and efficient manner, public input may be limited.

Child Find – A Search for all Children with Disabilities
Child Find is the process of identifying, locating, and evaluating children with disabilities who may be in need of special education and related services. Both state and local education agencies are given the responsibility by federal and state laws to conduct Child Find activities so that children who need special services have the opportunity to receive those services. Child Find’s purpose is:

•         To promote public awareness of disabilities
•         Assist school districts in finding children who may have disabilities and who otherwise may not have come to their attention
•         Enable children and families to receive the special education and related services that are needed 

What does a disability mean? 

•         For age 3 – 5: an established condition known to result in delay, or a documented developmental delay.
•         For ages 5 – 21: identification of one or more of the following conditions: autism, deaf blindness, hearing impairment, other health impairment, emotional disturbance, specific learning disability, speech or language impairment, traumatic brain injury, and/or visual impairment including blindness.

Parents, relatives, public and private agency employees, and concerned citizens are used to help school districts find children who may have a disability and need special education and related services. The school district will contact the parents of the child to find out if the child needs to be evaluated. Free testing is available to families to determine whether or not a special need exists. If a need is identified, the child can begin receiving the appropriate special education related services. 

Child Nutrition Programs
Lake Local School District participates in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s document titled “Eligibility Guidance for School Meals Manual” contains notices, an application form, and a chart describing information regarding free and reduced eligibility status. This document may be accessed at:

Copyright Law
WARNING CONCERNING COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONS: The copyright law of the U.S. (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.” If a user makes a request for, or later use, of a photocopy or reproduction for purpose in excess of “fair use,” that user may be liable for copyright infringement. This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

Drug Free School
In accordance with Federal Law, the Board of Education prohibits the use, possession, concealment, or distribution of drugs by students on school grounds, in school or school-approved vehicles, or at any school related event. Drugs include any alcoholic beverage, anabolic steroid, and dangerous controlled substance as defined by State statute, or substance that could be considered a “look-a-like” controlled substance. Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all students. Any student who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, in accordance with due process and as specified in the student handbooks, up to and including expulsion from school. When required by State law, the District will also notify law enforcement officials. The District is concerned about any student who is a victim of alcohol or drug abuse and will facilitate the process by which s/he receives help through programs and services available in the community. Student and their parents should contact the school principal or counseling office whenever such help is needed.

Equal Opportunity Notice
In accordance with Federal Law and USDA Civil Rights Regulations and Policies, Lake Local School District is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disabilities, and reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity.

Federal Grants Program
Federal grants provide valuable supplemental instructional support and staff development in the following areas: 

•         Title I – Elementary reading and math intervention
•         Title II A & D – Technology intervention and support
•         Title III – Limited English Proficiency (LEP) intervention
•         Title IV – Elementary counseling services
•         IDEA-B – Special education support services
•         EOEC – Expanding Opportunities for Each Child
•         Any other Federal Grant Programs that become available

A Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP) must be submitted annually.

You may download the U.D. Department of Education’s “Model Notification of Rights Under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) for elementary and secondary schools at the following web address:

Gifted Education Program
Our gifted/talented program offers a wide range of services to students.  The Gifted Coordinator works within the district to identify and coordinate services to gifted students. Gifted intervention specialists serve students directly through enrichment groups in math and reading, pullout classes, field trips, mentorship programs, and whole class enrichment presentations. Gifted students may also be served through accelerated classes, and enrollment in honors, or Advanced Placement classes.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
HIPAA requires that Lake Local School District provide notice of its privacy practices. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services “Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule” may be accessed at:

Highly Qualified Teachers
The Lake Local School District is striving to provide the best education for your child. As part of our efforts, we are complying with the No Child Left Behind Act that requires all teachers to be highly qualified. As a parent or guardian, you may request information regarding the professional qualifications of your child’s classroom teachers including the following information:

•         Whether the teacher has met state qualification and licensing criteria for the grade level and subject areas taught.
•         Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or provisional status.
•         Baccalaureate degree major, graduation certificate and field of discipline.
•         Whether the student is provided services by a paraprofessional and if so, their qualifications. This information is kept on file at each building and may be obtained by contacting the building principal.

HIPAA Compliance Notice
Applies to all individuals covered by the Lake Local School District's health plan.

The Lake Local School District provides educational services to disabled students from birth through age 21 utilizing federal assistance through IDEIA funds to enhance the basic program. Disabilities including the areas of hearing, vision, learning, behavior, speech/language, health/physical disabilities, traumatic brain injury, autism, or any combination of these, are considered handicapping conditions. An application is on file at the Special Services Department and is available for examination and recommendations by district residents. If you or someone you know, may be in need of special education and related services, please contact Lisa Shannon, Special Services Director, at 330-877-9383.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), school districts must give parents of a child with disabilities a copy of procedural safeguards once a year. However, a copy of procedural safeguards also must be given to parents upon initial referral or parental request for an evaluation, upon filing a request for a due process hearing and upon request of a parent (20 USC Section 1415 (d) (1)). School districts may post a copy of the procedural safeguards on its website (20 USC Section 1415 (d) (1)). See the Ohio Department of Education’s document on procedural safeguards at and click on “Whose IDEA is This? A Resource Guide for Parents.” 

Immunization Requirements
Ohio law now requires that all students entering 7th grade have proof of receiving the following immunizations BEFORE the first day of school: TDaP vaccine (to protect from Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis) and Meningococcal (A, C, Y, W-135) vaccine (to protect from Meningitis). Any 7th grade student who has not had both the TDaP and Meningococcal (A, C, Y, W-135) vaccinations will not be permitted to attend school until proof of these immunizations has been provided to the school. 

Ohio law requires that all students entering 12th grade have proof of receiving the following immunizations BEFORE the first day of school: Meningococcal (A, C, Y, W-135) vaccine (to protect from Meningitis). Students entering 12th grade must have a second dose of Meningococcal (A, C, Y, W-135) vaccine.  If the 1st dose of Meningococcal was administered after the 16th birthday, a second dose is not required.  Students will not be permitted to attend school until proof of these immunizations has been provided to the school.

Immunizations may be obtained from your child’s healthcare provider, most local pharmacies, and the Stark County Health Department. Please submit a copy of your child’s immunization or a signed form to the school nurse prior to the first day of school.

Immunization Exemption
Under the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, parents may request exemption from immunization requirements under the following rules Section 3313.671.

A child who presents a written statement of the child’s parent or guardian in which the parent or guardian declines to have the child immunized for reasons of conscience, including religious convictions, is not required to be immunized. Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.67.

A child whose physician certifies in writing that such immunization is against any disease is medically contraindicated is not required to be immunized against that disease.

Input Sought on Federal Funds
The Lake Local School District receives notification of their entitlement of federal funds allocated in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Public Law 92-142. Utilization of these funds is designated to provide services and programs for disabled students. Persons who wish to comment on how to utilize these designated funds are welcome and encouraged to contact Lisa Shannon, Special Services Director, at 330-877-9383.

Inspection of Instructional Materials
Further information regarding the rights to inspect instructional materials, textbooks, reading lists, and academic curriculum may be obtained by viewing the following school board policies or by contacting our Curriculum Director, Angel Harbaugh at 330-877-9383.

Insurance Notice
Lake Local School District does not carry personal property insurance on student property. Students should be encouraged to be responsible for items they take to school. Parents may want to check with their own insurance carrier before permitting students to bring expensive personal property items to school. The school assumes no responsibility for personal property items lost, damaged or stolen on the buses, at the schools, or at school events.

Lake Local School District does not carry student medical insurance for accidents or injuries sustained on the buses, at the schools, or at school events. Parents may purchase insurance of this type through a school insurance program offered by a private carrier. Information about this plan will be distributed to all students at the beginning of the school year. Further information may be obtained by viewing the following school board policy:  Policy JHA – Student Accident Insurance.

McKenney-Vento Act
It is the policy of the Lake Local School District to enroll, educate and not segregate or stigmatize children on the basis of their status as homeless. Ms. Angel Harbaugh is the Lake Local School District Homeless Liaison and may be reached at 330-877-9383. Any persons suspecting a child is homeless should notify Angel Harbaugh to ensure that homeless children enroll in school and have the opportunity to succeed academically.

Media Permissions
There may be times during the school year when your child may be photographed, videotaped, or audiotaped under the supervision of school staff.  The photographs, videotapes, and/or audiotapes may be used in various media (newspaper, internet, concert DVD, newsletter, etc).  If you refuse to permit your child to be photographed, videotaped, or audiotaped, please inform the building principal in writing within 20 school days of the start of each school year.  

Medical Notices
The following policies should be reviewed by individuals that may find them relevant to their situation: 

•         Policy JHC –        Student Health Services and Requirements
•         Policy JHCB -       Immunizations
•         Policy JHCD –     Administering Medicines to Students
•         Policy EBBA-R - First Aid
•         Policy JHCC -       Communicable Diseases
•         Policy EBBC -      Bloodborne Pathogens 

Nondiscrimination Based on Genetic Information of the Employee
The Board of Education prohibits discrimination on the basis of genetic information in all aspects of employment, including hiring, firing, compensation, job assignments, promotions, layoffs, training, fringe benefits, or any other terms, conditions, or privileges of employment. The Board also does not limit, segregate, or classify employees in any way that would deprive or tend to deprive them of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect the status of an employee as an employee, based on genetic information. Harassment of a person because of his/her genetic information is also prohibited. Likewise, retaliation against an applicant or employee for engaging in protected activity is prohibited.

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS)
The Board is committed to the District-wide use of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports ("PBIS") with students. Student Personnel shall work to prevent the need for the use of restraint and/or seclusion. PBIS emphasizes prevention of student behavior problems through the use of non-aversive techniques, which should greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the need to use restraint and/or seclusion. A copy of the district policy may be viewed by clicking on board policy link at the beginning of these notices and searching for policy 5630.01. Questions regarding the policy should be directed to Lisa Shannon at 330-877-9383.

Restraint and Seclusion Complaint Form
A restraint and seclusion complaint is a formal request to the Ohio Department of Education and/or the Lake Local Schools to investigate potential violations of requirements of Ohio's Administrative Code 3301-35-15 regarding restraint and seclusion of students that have occurred no more than one calendar year prior to the date the complaint is received by the Ohio Department of Education and/or the Lake Local Schools. A restraint and seclusion complaint is a formal request to the Ohio Department of Education and/or the Lake Local Schools to investigate potential violations of requirements of Ohio's Administrative Code 3301-35-15 regarding restraint and seclusion of students that have occurred no more than one calendar year prior to the date the complaint is received by the Ohio Department of Education and/or the Lake Local Schools. Restraint and Seclusion Complaint Form

Records Access and Confidentiality
Under the Federal Education and Privacy Act of 1996, parents or adult students (18 years or older) in the Lake Local School District have the right to inspect and review official student records and related information upon written request to the principal of the building to which the student is assigned. An appointment for the review of the records will be made at a mutually convenient time as soon after the receipt of the written request as possible. A parent or adult student who believes that information contained in the educational records of the student is inaccurate or misleading or violates the privacy or other rights of the student may request in writing that the records be amended. A student’s records and related information shall not be released to any individual, group, organization or agency, except with the written consent of the student’s parents or an adult student himself/herself. Exception to this rule would be in regard to compliance with judicial order (subpoena) or other situations as defined by law and/or Board of Education Policy.

Security Cameras
For students’ safety and welfare, video surveillance cameras are placed throughout the building, school grounds and on buses. Actions recorded on these cameras may be used as evidence in disciplinary action. Any attempt to damage or interfere with the function of these devices may result in disciplinary action by the school and possible referral to local law enforcement agencies. 

Special Services Americans with Disabilities – Section 504/Prohibition Against Discrimination Based on Disability
Pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Action of 1973 and its implementing regulations (“Section 504”), no otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall, solely by reason of his/her disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. The Board of Education does not discriminate in admission or access to, participation in, or treatment, or employment in, its programs or activities. As such, the Board’s policies and practices will not discriminate against employees and students with disabilities, will provide equal opportunity for employment, and will make accessible to qualified individuals with disabilities its facilities, programs and activities. 

A copy of the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act may be obtained from the district’s Compliance Officers: Special Services Director, Lisa Shannon at 330-877-9383. 

Stark County Integrated Pre-School
The Lake Local School District is participating in a consolidated Pre-School Grant program with other Stark County Local Districts. Some of these pre-school disability classes and enrichment classes are located in Lake Local. The program provides services to identified pre-school children with disabilities. A portion of IDEA funds are used for this program. This application is on file and available for examination and recommendations by district residents. Contact Lisa Shannon at 330-877-9383. If you have further questions about a pre-school child with a suspected disability.

Student Conduct / Discipline
Further information may be obtained by viewing the following school board policies: 

•         Policies JFC & JFC-R-                                       Student Conduct
•         Policies JFCA & JFCA-R-                                  Student Dress Code
•         Policies JFCG & JFCG-R-                                 Tobacco use by Students
•         Policies JHFC & JHFD-                                     Student Bicycle Use/Student Automobile Use
•         Policy JFCEA-                                                      Gangs
•         Policies JFCF & JFCF-R-                                  Hazing and Bullying
•         Policies JFCFA & JFCFA-E-                             Bullying & Other Forms of Aggressive Behavior
•         Policies JFCH/JFCH-R/JFCI/JFCI-R-             Students Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Abuse
•         Policy JG-                                                             Student Discipline
•         Policy JGE-                                                          Student Expulsion
•         Policies JGF & JFG-R-                                      Discipline of Students with Disabilities
•         Policy JGD-                                                          Student Suspension
•         Policy JGDA-                                                       Emergency Removal of Student
•         Policies JFCC & JFCC-R-                                  Student Conduct on District Managed Transportation
•         Policy JFA-                                                           Student Due Process Rights
•         Policy JGA-                                                          Corporal Punishment
•         Policies JFG & JFG-R-                                      Interrogations and Searches
•         Policy JFCJ-                                                         Weapons in the Schools

Student Privacy Information 
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a Federal law, requires that Lake Local School District, with certain exceptions, obtain your written consent prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from your child's education records. However, Lake Local School District may disclose appropriately designated "directory information" without written consent, unless you have advised the District to the contrary in accordance with District procedures. The primary purpose of directory information is to allow the Lake Local School District to include this type of information from your child's education records in certain school publications. Examples include: a playbill, showing your student's role in a drama production; the annual yearbook; honor roll or other recognition lists; graduation programs; and sports activity sheets, such as for wrestling, showing weight and height of team members. Directory information, which is information that is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released, can also be disclosed to outside organizations without a parent's prior written consent. Outside organizations include, but are not limited to, companies that manufacture class rings or publish yearbooks. In addition, two federal laws require local educational agencies (LEAs) receiving assistance under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) to provide military recruiters, upon request, with three directory information categories - names, addresses and telephone listings - unless parents have advised the LEA that they do not want their student's information disclosed without their prior written consent. From time to time, we have opportunities to share what’s happening in our schools with the community through newspaper articles and photographs. Board policy permits the use of student pictures, unless the principal has been notified in writing by the parents that they do not wish to have photographs of their children published. If you do not want Lake Local School District to disclose directory information from your child's education records without your prior written consent, you must notify the District in writing by September 15th of each school year. Lake Local School District has designated the following information as directory information:

•         Student's name
•         Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
•         Address
•         Telephone listing
•         Weight and height of members of athletic teams
•         Student’s achievement awards / honors
•         Date and place of birth
•         Major field of study
•         Dates of attendance
•         Date of Graduation

Testing Security Procedures
Lake Local School District's Test Security Procedures
The District Test Security Procedures ensure all involved that there are purposeful and specific procedures in place to ensure the security and accurate delivery and reporting of your child’s state assessments. If you have any questions about this summary document, please contact the building principal, or Pat Carroll, District Testing Coordinator, at (330) 877-9383.


Per Ohio Administrative Code 3301-13-05, the district is required to develop and maintain District Test Security Procedures and make them available to parents and students. These procedures, as they pertain to students, are summarized below; staff members receive further, more specific training via the District Test Security Procedures about their involvement with the specific assessments are required to follow written procedures set forth by the Ohio Department of Education.


Authorized Personnel

Lake Local Schools appoints a district test coordinator and building test coordinator at each building who is responsible for handling and tracking test materials before, during and after published testing windows. Additionally, licensed professionals in each building where tests are administered will receive training in order to be prepared to administer state assessments.


Handling and Tracking Procedures for Secure Test Materials

The district test coordinator is responsible for ordering and providing all test materials. As secure materials arrive in the district, the district test coordinator conducts and inventory of all materials, prepares and securely delivers materials to the appropriate buildings. The building test coordinators are responsible for the security and distribution of test materials at the building level. When testing is completed, the building test coordinator(s) conduct an inventory of materials then package and arrange for the secure return of the materials to the district test coordinator. Materials are then returned to the testing company for scoring.


Electronic Device Policy

Accessing an electronic device during testing is grounds for an invalidation; however, if cheating can be ruled out, the district may elect not to invalidate the test. If a student was observed having a cell phone out during the test session, it is important to determine if any test question, passage or prompt was photographed, texted or in any way compromised. In extreme cases where test questions, passages or prompts have been posted on any social medium, the district must immediately contact the Office of Assessment at 1-614-466-1317.


No student under any circumstance may be allowed to use a cellphone or other like electronic device during the administration of state tests. If a student has completed their assessment, submits his/her assessment answers and logs off their computer, he/she must still keep their electronic device away and out of site. Cell phones or other like devices do not qualify as silent work.


Test administrators may have a cell phone for medical and technological emergencies, to use as a time keeper or to otherwise perform necessary test-related actions. Test administrators must not use the cell phone for non-test related issues or personal reasons. Test administrators should be reminded to never take photographs of students, tests, computers or the testing room during testing.

Test Security Violations

The following are test security violations, which need to be discussed with the Department as soon as the alleged violation is known.  


Security Violations During Testing Administration

  • Reading a test booklet or a student’s answer document to review test content or student responses; 
  • Using a student’s login information to access an online test in order to review the test content; 
  • Reviewing the test and creating a study guide or in some way releasing test items to students; 
  • Describing or discussing secure test information with anyone at any time; 
  • Standing over a student who is taking a test and indicating in some manner that the student’s answer is incorrect, blank, or deficient or 
  • Coaching a student in any manner.

Security Violations After Testing Administration

  • Posting any test content, verbatim or paraphrased, and/or students' responses on social media before, during, or after the test administration.
  • Marking, tampering, with or contaminating students' responses in any way, unless by a scribe or test administrator with permission to transcribe students' responses with no changes.
  • Failing to collect and securely shred any scratch paper that was provide to and used by students during a test and that contains student writing.
  • Failing to account for and return any secure paper test materials or
  • Discussing test questions after the test has been administered.

TITLE I / IDEA-B Flow Through Notification
The Lake Local School District receives notification of their entitlement of federal funds allocated in accordance with the Title I/ Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Public Law 92-142.  Utilization of the funds is designated to provide services and programs for disabled students.  Persons who wish to comment on how to utilize these designated funds are welcome and encouraged to contact Lisa Shannon, Director of Special Services at 330-877-9383.

TITLE I Evaluation
Each spring, parent and teachers evaluate the Title I program.  Comments and input from both are used as plans are made for services the following school year.  If your child is not receiving services or you would like to provide input on the Title I program please contact Angel Harbaugh, Curriculum Director at 330-877-9383.

Title IX / Civil Rights Compliance
No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal assistance. (Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 to the Civil Rights Act of 1964) Title IX prohibits sexual harassment in all school programs and activities in school facilities or in other locations when the school is the sponsor of the activity. Title IX coordinators as well as all faculty, students, coaches, and community members can file a complaint of Title IX violation with the Office of Civil Rights. Anonymity is maintained and institutions are prohibited from retailing against any complainant. Anyone wishing to file a complaint should contact our Title IX Coordinator Angel Harbaugh, Curriculum Director, Phone: 330-877-9383.

Visitors to the Schools
Any visitor entering a district-owned building must report to that building’s office immediately to sign in with the building supervisor/secretary. ORC 3313.20

Water Testing Notice
The Lake Local School District has completed the monitoring cycle at Lake’s public water supply for volatile organic chemicals (VOC) as required by chapter 3745081 of the Ohio Administrative Code. On completion of each VOC monitoring cycle, state regulations also require the owner or operator of a public water supply to notify its consumers of the availability of VOC analytical results for the period tested.