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Levy Information

The Board of Education has filed with the Stark County Board of Elections to place an additional 9.5 mill current expense property tax levy for a period of five years on the March 19, 2024 ballot.

If the March 19, 2024 five-year operating levy for 9.5 mills is passed, residents will not begin paying for that levy until calendar year 2025 tax bills. The cost of the 9.5 mill levy would be $333 per $100,000 of County Auditor Appraised Value.

In November 1999, the District passed a 6.5 mill bond issue for 27 years, which is currently collecting about 2.8 mills. The last time residents will pay on this bond issue will be calendar year 2026 tax bills. After 2026, tax bills will be reduced by about $98 per $100,000 of County Auditor Appraised Value.

According to the Stark County Auditor’s Office, the average County Auditor Appraised Value for residential properties within the District is around $215,000.

Based on the average residential property value of $215,000, the impact of the March levy and the 1999 bond issue would be as follows:

         Calendar Year 2024 – No Impact

        Calendar Year 2025 – Additional $715 for the year

        Calendar Year 2026 – Additional $715 for the year

        Calendar Year 2027 – Additional $715 for the year Less $211 per year = $504 per year

        Calendar Year 2028 – Net $504 for the year

        Calendar Year 2029 – Net $504 for the year

After five years, Board action and voter approval would have to be passed to renew. There are no other current levies that are subject to renewal.

The last operating levy was passed in February 2006 for 11.1 mills, other than 0.5 mills in the 2015 bond issue for safety and security. Prior to that, a 13.9 mill levy was passed in 1995. Refer to the Levy History resource for more information.

What is a Mill?

The revenue generated by 1 Mill is different for each school district. For comparison, to generate the same dollar amount as 9.5 mills at Lake, some other area school districts would have to pass the following mills:
Lake Local School District 9.5 mills
Perry Local School District 7.1 mills
North Canton City School District 6.3 mills
Plain Local School District 4.6 mills
Jackson Local School District 3.2 mills